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Terms of Use Disclaimer:

This website (Bluegrass Junk Revival) is owned by Michelle Cruz. The information that I provide is for informational use only and is in no way contractual. I reserve the right to post my own views and at times reviews on products.

Intellectual Property:

All content on this website is my own including posts. I reserve the right to use various products and may at times review them and report my own findings, views and thoughts on the product. I may include a picture of that product to identify what product I am talking about.

When you use this website you agree that you will not use, duplicate or steal my content. Any unauthorized use of this content is illegal and I reserve the right to prosecute.

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This website may provide links to third party websites. Once you leave this website (Bluegrass Junk Revival) I have no control on the content on the third party website.

This website does contain affiliate links. Once you click on the link you will be taken to a third party website where you may purchase goods. If I am an affiliate, I may receive a small percentage from that third party as payment for the referral. I only promote products that I believe in and that I personally like. I assume no liability once you purchase a product from a third party.

Privacy Statement:

If you subscribe to my newsletter you will be asked to voluntarily provide potentially personally identifiable information (PII) such as your first name and email so that I may correspond with you. I take every precaution to protect your information and use third party sites to do so. I will never sell your information and allow it to be made public. It is for my use only so that I may send you emails and correspondence.

If you purchase anything from this website you may be asked to enter information such as your payment information, name, address and credit card information. I use third party websites to assist me in processing payments.

If you have any questions on anything listed above I can be contacted at: michelle@bluegrassjunkrevival.com

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