DIY Christmas Tree Garland

Hey friends! Glad to see you back. Today I have short post about how to make your own DIY country Christmas tree garland. It’s seriously going to be my shortest post ever because it is THAT easy.

In my previous post about how to make your own country Christmas tree skirt I talked about living in a cabin in the woods of Kentucky and that it was only fitting to have a “Country Cabin” themed Christmas tree and decor. Well,…that is one reason. The other is that I can’t find any of our tree decorations anywhere in our storage unit without unpacking every box in there. Ummm NO!

Here is what I made. Granted it isn’t on the tree yet, but you get the idea.


So here is how I did it. Are you ready for this super long tutorial? LOL. This won’t take long. But I wanted to share it with you because I think it is cute and I can’t wait to see it on the tree.

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DIY Country Cabin Christmas Tree Skirt

Create your own Christmas tree skirt

Welcome back everyone. Well, Halloween is over and we are now in November and we all know what that means……start thinking about Christmas. I know, I know. It seems like poor Thanksgiving sometimes gets passed over and we skip right from costumes and candy to Santa Clause and Christmas trees. I always cringe a little when I go to stores and I see Christmas decorations up even before Halloween, but it’s the nature of the beast. But, in my defense, I have to get started early on my Christmas decorations this year since I am making most of them. Yup…..making most of them. Crazy. I know.

Since we moved here to Kentucky and most of our stuff is still in storage and will continue to be until we move again, I can’t find my Christmas stuff. I found the tree and some wrapping paper, but no decorations. Why is your stuff still in storage you ask? Well, with my husband’s job we will be moving a lot. I joined him here in Kentucky in July, but he had been here since January of 2016. We are supposed to be moving to the next job site in Pennsylvania at the end of January 2017 so there is no point unpacking what I will have to pack again in a couple months.

This makes decorating a…..hmmm what’s a good word I could use here?…….oh yeh a NIGHTMARE. I have a lot of pretty things and cool pieces, but I don’t really feel like taking it all out of storage and just to pack it back up again.

Anyway, enough about that. Due to this dilemma I decided since we are in a cabin in the woods of Kentucky what better place to have a country Christmas.


Our country cabin in the woods of Kentucky.
Our country cabin in the woods of Kentucky.

On to the project. 

 Follow along and you can see how I made this skirt and it shows how you can make one too.

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