DIY Christmas Tree Garland

Hey friends! Glad to see you back. Today I have short post about how to make your own DIY country Christmas tree garland. It’s seriously going to be my shortest post ever because it is THAT easy.

In my previous post about how to make your own country Christmas tree skirt I talked about living in a cabin in the woods of Kentucky and that it was only fitting to have a “Country Cabin” themed Christmas tree and decor. Well,…that is one reason. The other is that I can’t find any of our tree decorations anywhere in our storage unit without unpacking every box in there. Ummm NO!

Here is what I made. Granted it isn’t on the tree yet, but you get the idea.


So here is how I did it. Are you ready for this super long tutorial? LOL. This won’t take long. But I wanted to share it with you because I think it is cute and I can’t wait to see it on the tree.

Step 1

I took all my extra tree skirt fabric and cut strips about an inch wide and about 12-14 inches long.


Step 2

Take a small bunch of the fabric and cut in half all at once so that you will have 2 piles of 6 -7 inch strips. It’s just easier to cut a whole stack in half verses doing each single piece. By now you should have a pretty good size pile of fabric strips.


Step 3

Sit down in front of the TV. Grab your ball of twine or yarn.I chose to use twine to give it a more rustic feel. Separate your fabric strips into piles in the order in which you want to tie them on your twine. You only need to tie it once. Double knotting is not necessary on this. Make a loop at the end of your twine as a place to put a tree branch through. Then start tying your strips on with about a inch and a half in between each one. You can make your garland as long as you want. Mine is about 12-14 foot long after all is said and done. Once your are finished tie another loop at the end as a place to put a branch trough.


The end. Ha ha ha ha

Seriously, was that not the easiest project EVER! And so cute.


So here is a story to go along with this garland. On the day I was making this my husband calls me from work and tells me that his company is moving us………………in a month (mind you this is November 1st). WHAT!!!??????? Seriously? Right before Christmas? Ughhhhhh. Apparently, we are moving to northern Indiana. Alllllrightly then ( in my best Ace Ventura voice). We need to by there by December 12th when he starts work. Moving in the winter and right before Christmas is going to be a real treat. The whole time I am thinking about my country cabin Christmas and I will admit my heart is a little sad, but the show must go on! I will continue on with my country cabin Christmas……from near Lake Michigan. My tree probably won’t be up long, but that will be one of the first things I do when I get there. We are going to try and find another cabin or cottage to live in. We are going to freeze up there. I guess I am going to need a real winter coat this year.


So stay tuned on that news. LOL. I will post pics of my new digs once we get settled in. Until then, planning my country Christmas will go on.


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